Dispatches: E Stone – 1.0 Japan Pre Earthquake

EStone Dispatch 01

Nothing like a ten-hour flight to get you in the mood to snowboard. Jonah Owen and Dylan Thompson got stuck in some middle seats.

Words & Photos: E-Stone

The Technine and F.O.D.T crew took off to Japan in search of new Jibs. After an insane week of filming, meeting cool people and getting to know this amazing country we were hit with the 5th largest earthquake to hit the planet in recorded history. Lucky for us we were up in the mountains and away from the Tsunamis and the mass destruction but the earthquake we felt was an experience that we will never forget. For the full story wait for the feature to come out in the next volume of Snowboarder Magazine for now here is a snapshot of our days in Japan leading up to the earthquake. Part one is a couple days in one of the coolest cities in the world. Tokyo!

EStone Dispatch 02

Gooner enjoying his first cig after a long flight while the rest of us are stoked to just stretch our legs.

Japan needs everyone's help to rebuild. It is going to take many years of help from the rest of the world to get things back in order. I have friends in Japan who have lost loved ones and other friends who are braving the situation and being as positive about it as possible. Tokyo is out of Gas, Low on water and food and on top of all that is experiencing rolling black outs. There has also been no shortage or Tremors and earthquakes as well. Tokyo's situation is nothing compared to where the tsunami's hit in Sendai. This is where the real help is needed. The people of Japan are extremely selfless and care about one another's well being just as much as their own. This is a truly amazing culture. If you have any extra money and want to help out please check these charity links below. Every dollar counts my friends. Pray for Japan!!!

Here are some ways to help out:
Convoy Of Hope
Red Cross
Save The Children

Don't forget about the animals…
American Humane

EStone Dispatch 03

Land of the Rising Sun!

EStone Dispatch 04

Our friend's Tim and T.K. who would be showing us around Japan first took us by the Manuverline office. Manuverline is the shit, they distribute some of the sickest brands in snowboarding including Holden, Step Child, 32, Nomis, Neff, Grenade and JSLV. They have been doing Technine since 1994 and this crew is like family to me.

EStone Dispatch 05

One of the coolest things in Japan is the vending machines. You can buy anything in these things from porn stars used panties to french fries. More commonly found is hot and cold coffee and Tea as well as Beer. Right after you check into a hotel a cold beer in the lobby is a solid move.

EStone Dispatch 06

Cole Taylor member of the Snack Pack eyeing up all the wild food we will be eating for dinner.

EStone Dispatch 07

A Japanese word you should know is 乾杯 Kanpai pronounced Kampai. This means cheers.

EStone Dispatch 08

They call the guy in the middle Stevie because they say he looks just like Stevie Bell. Kampai Stevie!!!

EStone Dispatch 09

Tokyo is an insane city. Buildings for days with some amazing architecture. The city is incredibly clean and if you look around you can find really cool Japanese gardens and Temples. If you ever get a chance visit this place for sure. The people are some of the kindest people you will ever meet.

EStone Dispatch 10

Before we headed off to the mountains to shred we stopped at a couple snowboard shops to say what's up. Jonah and Dylan were hyped to find themselves in a Japanese magazine.

EStone Dispatch 11

Meet Ma$aki Toda, this is one of the badest dudes in Japan.

EStone Dispatch 12

Jake Devine, Jonah, Dylan, and Gooner with some girls at one of the snowboard shops.

EStone Dispatch 13

In Japan they Call J.P. UDON.

EStone Dispatch 14

Space was tight in the hotel so Jonah had to sleep in a tent.

EStone Dispatch 15

Some words of advice from Gooner… 'Goodness is the only investment that never fails'

EStone Dispatch 16

The tree's in Tokyo all have this sick camo pattern on them. It's cool when you can find design in everyday life.

EStone Dispatch 17

I have no idea what's up with this boat except that it is pretty sick and I would like to ride in it.

EStone Dispatch 18

In Japan you are supposed to wear these masks if you think you are getting sick. On the news when you see all the people wearing the masks it looks pretty crazy and you think they must all be scared of the radiation. In Japan you see them everywhere. Dylan got lots of sick shred shots in the mask and after we received word of radiation spreading he never took it off.