Dispatches: HCSC staff arrives for summer 2013


words: Tanner McCarty

"Open the gates,” in a high pitched medieval tone, is what High Cascade Camp Director Terence Stilin-Rooney was thinking as cars, trucks, and windowless vans full of HCSC staff rolled into Government Camp last week. As many folks are exposing their pale guts to the beaches of the East Coast or installing air-conditioners in their Salt Lake apartments, the snowboard devotees who had been chosen to work at High Cascade packed up and shipped out to camp to spend a summer in the great Northwest full of mountains, rivers, and big-ass trees.

Government Camp may seem, to the average person, a cute truckstop of a town that has the worst male-to-female ratio in the nation. However, to us, it is much, much more. It may be Mount Hood and the whole snowboarding-in-the-summer thing, or it may be being surrounded by all of your friends that you never get to see, but for HCSC Photog Greg Furey, it's the $2 tall cans at Charlies and the Cobra Style™ Hot Snakes that keeps him coming back year after year. Camp commenced on the 15th and we are spent the remaining time getting camp facilities top notch, settling Catan and farting…a lot. Follow me on vine to see what I'm talking about. [Editor’s note: a self-shout out on Vine, this better be good, Tanner.]