Words & Photos: Ryan "Huggy" Hughes (Snowboarder Magazine Photo Editor)

SNOWBOARDER Magazine sent a crew to China to explore new territory. Little is known about shredding in China, So the crew hoped for the best (powder) and planned for the worst (no snow). The language barrier in China is formidable, and finding information online about ski resorts was tougher than usual. It was going to have to be a see as you go mission, MacGruber style. Drawn to this sort of adventure were Ryan "Huggy" Hughes, Jason "Jrob" Robinson, Blake "McCauley" Paul, Cameron "Double Ejection" Fair, and Blair "Boy in the Fields Has Nothing" Habenicht. Thanks to our new buddies at Beidahu ski resort, and Mellowparks in Nanshan the trip came together. Here is a sneak peak leak.