words: Huggy

"There is snow in Africa?" was the most common response when people found out SNOWBOARDER Magazine was going to shred in South Africa. Well, not South Africa precisely, a tiny land locked country within SA called The Kingdom of Lesotho. The only operating ski resort in sub Saharan Africa is called Afriski (home of the highest bar in Africa), and this was the destination for Nick Visconti, Stevie Bell, Scott Stevens and SNOWBOARDER Magazine's Huggy and John Cavan to document whatever may happen. The riders were extremely doubtful of the shred possibilities on a continent most known for dry regions and political instability.

"Doubt must be no more than vigilance, other wise it can be dangerous." -George C. Lichtenberg

After the 20-30 hour journey, the riders touched down on snow in Africa, saw the park, and all doubt dissolved.

I believe it was Little John who said "Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots", But lets just say we brought the right crew to maximize our short time on the ground, and variable snow conditions. The park was insanely fun, and just adjacent to the resort were are a couple of side-country opportunities. And although it may have been minimal snow on our arrival in the beginning of August… the day we left it dumped 18 inches, making an interesting drive over the pass which was upwards of 10,500 feet in elevation.

Stay tuned for a video and a full feature in SNOWBOARDER Magazine.