Nick Hyne Dispatch 1 01

Newly 18 Year Old Dingo, Jye Kearney is filming with us for 'Go Seek'. Here he is representing one of America's finest establishments.

Photos & Captions: Nick Hyne

Nick Hyne seems like a nice enough fellow. At least that’s what the US Customs agents who let him pass into our country thought. Well for a New Zealander he speaks pretty good English and that’s saying a lot. Enjoy the latest Dispatches as Nick explores life on our side of the Pacific. Our side of the equator for that matter.

Nick Hyne Dispatch 1 02

Jye sending a Back 7 into some cooked powder.

Nick Hyne Dispatch 1 03

We were having way too much fun at this feature to care about how played out it is.

Nick Hyne Dispatch 1 04

We got on the road to Seattle and passed a whole heap of rednecks and hick towns.

Nick Hyne Dispatch 1 10

And sure as eggs, there was one of these joints in every town.

Nick Hyne Dispatch 1 05

In The U.S, Large means Large. Those aren't carnie hands, this is a 2 litre coffee mug.

Nick Hyne Dispatch 1 14

We made it to Snoqualmie for The Ride Shakedown. This is the best format and competition formula I have come across. The photographer of this shot is on the nose of the board below.

Nick Hyne Dispatch 1 06

This part of the blog is called 'Guess whose leg this is'. The only clue I can give you is that this bloke has a signature glove in the works named the 'Hiro-shaka'. All the best Japan!

Nick Hyne Dispatch 1 07

The wild Northwest can look amazing when the sun pokes its head through.

Nick Hyne Dispatch 1 08

And utter shithouse at other times. Washington's weather is far from predictable. After a week of pulling our hair out, we built this jump in the Spring sun. After one hit the Northwest cloud rolled back in to show us who's boss.

Nick Hyne Dispatch 1 09

After leaving Washington we passed through this beauty of a town. Unfortunately, it didn't quite live up to it's name.

Nick Hyne Dispatch 1 11

No gas left and 20 miles from civilisation.

Nick Hyne Dispatch 1 12

After tipping a snowmobile up and getting petrol into a Gatorade bottle 6 times, we had enough gas (barely) to get us to this diner in a 1 horse town called Adin. Check the money wall behind the counter. After donating 10 Kiwi dollars we all scored free milkshakes! U.S.A! U.S.A!

Nick Hyne Dispatch 1 13

Nick Brown drove all 15 hours and got us back to Tahoe where we met up with Stef Zeestraten. We built this pole jam in the storm onto a tennis court. This storm right now is insane! After this hit Stef launched a textbook bellyflop off the pole, and sunk in about 4 feet deep!