Dispatches: Hyne Site – 1.2 Tahoe Redux

Hyne Dispatch 2 01

Ben Ryan from Reason Films has started a camera equipment company. He is selling these camera covers - they look and feel identical to T-shirts. Hit him up for a price.

Most photos & captions: Nick Hyne

Nick Hyne may be from down under but he is still livin' it up in the Northern Hemisphere. Appears as though he is still in Lake Tahoe. Who can blame him. Since January 1st Lake Tahoe has received 1,264" of fresh snow. You can quote us on that. Here Nick shares a cute puppy photo, a one-footer off a snowmobile and a Macguyver'd beer fridge which is really just a stack of snow with a compartment cut out of it. It's simplicity doesn't make it any less genius. Cheers.

Hyne Dispatch 2 02

After it got warm we decided to hit some rails. This is one of about 5 in a row that we got 'swiftly moved along' from.

So, the crew went to try their luck at the local pick -up spot. Unfortunately it was slim pickings.

Hyne Dispatch 2 04

I snapped this photo on my iPhone of Nick Brown as I was sprinting up for about my 50th hit at 12.30am.

Hyne Dispatch 2 05

Husky puppy for the Dispatches female fanbase?

Hyne Dispatch 2 06

Lake Tahoe is one of only 3 lakes that can tsunami. The others are in New Zealand apparently.

Hyne Dispatch 2 07

Vaughan Brookfield knows how to attract the birds.

Hyne Dispatch 2 08

One of two jumps we hit on the first fine day after the storm.

Hyne Dispatch 2 09

Lunch wasn't the highlight.

Hyne Dispatch 2 10

A monk and a muslim? Nick Brown and Ben Ryan in the Tahoe Backcountry on a 17C/ 65F degree day.

Hyne Dispatch 2 11

On our return, we shoveled the deck. Here Browner manicures the beverage cooling unit.

Hyne Dispatch 2 12

Lake Tahoe sure is beautiful.

Hyne Dispatch 2 13

Jye and I played a game called 'first pop' while waiting for our ride. Jye landed this kicky first pop and earned himself a 'lemonade'. A great game this game is.

The next photos are off the Reason Films ‘Go Seek’ Blog.
Photos and captions courtesy of BUGS.

Hyne Dispatch 2 14

Passing time – Place the beer..

Hyne Dispatch 2 15

Switch Ollie the Beer..

Hyne Dispatch 2 16

Drink the beer – then repeat…

Hyne Dispatch 2 17

Went out to blue lakes for a look a few days after the storm – Hyna with a 'nothing else to do' fast plant.

Hyne Dispatch 2 18

Newly carved Beer Fridge – Stayed in Tact all of one day

Hyne Dispatch 2 19

Northstar laps with Stef. (The shorts crew were out in force).