Brett Wilson's face shows what the pain of the 47 nugget mark of the 50 McNugget challenge looks like.

Photos and captions: Nick Hyne

Nick Hyne is now heading back to his old stomping grounds of New Zealand. Before he hopped a flight out of LAX he finished his days in Tahoe in fine fashion by gambling and guzzling. Check back for more updates from Nick from back home in NZ where "Baaaaaaa means no and Yes means anal."

Boreal has a bit of snow left to push around. These banks welcome you from the parking lot.

BEARS! On the side of the road between Truckee and Tahoe City. My first ever bear sighting. These guys were awesome!

GoPros have made their way from the helmets of every man and his dog up the hill, to the carpark.

They aren't even cheap!

Human? Bear with massive human shoes? In hindsight I should have followed these tracks and taken my video camera - could have made some scrilla.

I took this photo at about the 15 minute mark of waiting to drop for the first hit.

Sam Hulbert makes Home Brew and it actually tastes good! Pity he sank about 12 too many before the party had even started and ended up passing out instead of celebrating HIS 22nd birthday in Reno. Check out Seasonal Siblings 8 for the video.

Brandon Reiss stayed sober enough to make it to Reno and belt out Twisted Sister with the crew (Sans Sam) at Karaoke. He also stayed sober enough to keep his clothes on for the entire night. Apparently this a rare occurrence. His roommates even had a $50 'No showing cock or bollocks' bet on it.

This shot actually makes Reno look kind of fancy.

I am so down with Southwest Airlines that they call me Bro. Reno to LAX.

In the Book of Awesome, scoring 3 seats to yourself would have to be considered the Holy Grail. LAX to Auckland.

See you for another Dispatches in a month or so once New Zealand's season kicks off!