Hironaka Dispatch 4 01
The snow here is so amazing. Put it on your bucket list to get to Japan some day and experience this.

Captions: Austin Hironaka

Looks like Austin Hironaka is about to sign off from his first Dispatch mission to Japan. Don’t fret though because we see in the last post that he has met up with Java Fernandez and the Salomon Team. Rumor has it that Java will be firing over a few Dispatches himself from the land of the rising sun. We just haven’t figured what to call ’em. We are torn between “Dispatches: Mexican Export” and “Dispatches: Indian Import.” Could go either way. If we have SNOWBOARDER Sr. Oli Gagnon work with Java on ’em we’ll just have to go with “Dispatches: Quebexippon”.

Hironaka Dispatch 4 02
Japan in Japan Hiro style.
Hironaka Dispatch 4 03
Japmob japmobbed in Japan.
Hironaka Dispatch 4 04
These boards were EVERYWHERE!! Peep the Pretty Pink Powder Hound.
Hironaka Dispatch 4 05
Alex Cantin on our first time riding a solo chair lift.
Hironaka Dispatch 4 06
Wish you were here!!
Hironaka Dispatch 4 07
Waist deep was no exaggeration!!
Hironaka Dispatch 4 08
I guess you dont want to be the last one down the hill in ski school.. Otherwise you get buried by all your fellow yellows.
Hironaka Dispatch 4 09
I had no clue Austen Sweetin was in Japan until I seen his Minimino parked at the supermarket.
Hironaka Dispatch 4 10
*Insert Caption here. Mine is FAT TO FLAT!!.
Hironaka Dispatch 4 11
We found some friends in Niseko that weren’t Australian (thank god). Kampai Soloman crew!!
Hironaka Dispatch 4 12
Big thanks to Clayton and crew at the Black Diamond Lodge!! See you guys again someday.


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