Kazu Post 6 01

Arrive Aspen so many rich people. They should get better airport.

Captions: Kazu Kokubo

Here we have another installment of Kazuhiro Kokubo's pixel diary. Check out Kazuhiro all stoked and oblivious to the injustices to come during Saturday nights Winter X Games 15 halfpipe finals. Kazuhiro spent the week in Aspen being filmed walking in the snow with his shirt off, doing interviews for TV and shaving his head while the judges were spending the week shaving their asses. It should be noted that these are the sentiments of SNOWBOARDER Magazine.

Carl san bring my lunch from California

Kazu Post 6 03

Haircut time

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Kazu Post 6 06

Register at X Games like self check out grocery. Why do I have to do all work.

Kazu Post 6 07

Kazu Post 6 07

Kazu Post 6 08

First time see pipe