Kazu Post 7 01

Weird seeing me all over Aspen.

Captions: Kazu Kokubo

Kazuhiro Kokubo isn’t simply a pro snowboarder, he is also a prolific dispatcher. He supplied us with three more posts from the X Games but we decided not to prolong the coverage of his tenure in Aspen considering the unfortunate outcome. We have combined three updates into one. Despite being judged so low in the pipe finals it appears as though Kazu kept his spirits high. Maybe not as high as Mikkel Bang but better than most given the circumstances. Enjoy this in depth and exaggerated dispatch. More to come.

Kazu Post 7 02

So many cameras. All day.

Kazu Post 7 03

Check edge with Rana Okada.

Kazu Post 7 04

Talk to Sal after practice.

Kazu Post 7 05

Another interview with biggest Japanese network NHK.

Kazu Post 7 06

Inside Monster hotel.

Kazu Post 7 07

Monster fly in great trainer name Kelley. I see him every day at X Games.

Kazu Post 7 08

All day relax and practice at night.

Kazu Post 7 09

At the top.

Kazu Post 7 10

Waiting to drop.

Kazu Post 7 13

Monster party Saturday night at top of Aspen.

Kazu Post 7 14

After Sunday final I need party.

Kazu Post 7 15

Everything got crazy after such long week.

Kazu Post 7 17

My boys.

Kazu Post 7 18

Pikkle and his pole.

Kazu Post 7 19

After after party.

Kazu Post 7 20

5AM mediatation.

Kazu Post 7 11

Good bye X Games.

Kazu Post 7 21

Hello San Clemente