Kazu Dispatch 12 01

Best snowboard trip in my life.

Captions: Kazuhiro Kokubo

Over the past few weeks the champions of legit halfpipe style nearly lost one of the greats to the allure of endless pow. Kazuhiro Kokubo has been shralping on the edge of the grid with Standard Films in the interior BC. Selfishly SNOWBOARDER hopes he got the white gold out of his system for a little while so he can continue to provide us with momentary breaks from the robotic monotony of the current halfpipe ranks. Shit. Look at this first photo. Next time you see Kazu riding a halfpipe take a second and thank him because we're not sure we could have left this backcountry behind.

Kazu Dispatch 12 02

I think next Standard video maybe my best part ever.

Kazu Dispatch 12 03

So many first descents. Everything so big.

Kazu Dispatch 12 04

Important meeting with coworkers at office.

Kazu Dispatch 12 05

Mads checking lines.

Kazu Dispatch 12 06

16 days time to leave. Terrace to San Clemente for 1 day Hurley photo shoot.

Kazu Dispatch 12 07

Kazu Dispatch 12 08

Hello California. Home for 1 day before Mammoth half pipe training for US Open. So busy.