words and photos: Mary Walsh

Brighton Resort in Utah has been working hand-in-hand with the local population of Salt Lake females the past few seasons, offering the B4BC supported Krista’s Park and holding Ladies Ride Days on Sundays throughout winter. At a mountain with a loyal set of locals, bringing together the fairer, yet no less burly when it comes to general decimation of the Milly Tubes, gender has been a welcome occurrence as chicks have flocked to the hill to meet up and take turns with one another. On Sunday, January 10th, the rocket fueled riders of Jetpack collabed with Nikita Clothing for a bluebird day of park shred (and beyond). Jenna Kuklinski, Marketing Manager for Nikita flew in from PDX to meet Amanda Hankison, Nirvana Ortanez, Grace Mayernik, Jill Perkins, Danika Duffy, Mary Rand and more as they welcome a grip of girls who bundled up to brave cold temps, warming up with Nikita coffee breaks throughout the day. A handful of local Nikita riders, including Minnesota native Haille Soderholm were on site destroying the rail lines. For anyone that happened to get a glimpse of the pack of chicks swarming down the park, this edition of Brighton’s Ladies Ride Days made it clear that there is a heavy scene of rippers in Salt Lake.

To join in on the next Brighton Ladies Ride Day, check out Brighton Resort on Facebook and follow @brightonresort on Instagram.

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