words: Ryan “Huggy” Hughes
photos: Ryan “Huggy” Hughes and Tal Roberts

Kaitlyn Farrington’s Slumber Party was designed to inspire young snowboarders to follow their dreams and have fun no matter what. The crew at Sun Valley organized the weekend event with Kaitlyn, other female pros, and a group of really excited young snowboarders who were stoked to hang out with their heroes. Kaitlyn is a perfect example that snowboarding is not about training and stressing out, but rather having fun with your friends and helping each other to learn new tricks. The Slumber Party showed the kids that even Olympic athletes don't take things too seriously. Kaitlyn, Hana Beaman, Elena Hight, Stefi Luxton, Rebecca "Possum" Tor, and Maddy Schaffrick spent the weekend hitting the park at Sun Valley, making s’mores, ice skating, and partaking in general silliness. It was a pretty amazing time.

The following video illustrates the extreme fun that everyone had, though it has no snowboarding it in, just imagine this amount of fun on hill, too. It was also filmed soley with an iPhone.