words and photos: Ryan “Huggy” Hughes (except where noted)

Kimmy Fasani created Amusement Park as an end of the season opportunity for female snowboarders to come together and hit big, technical features designed to provide a stomping ground for progression. John Cavan, SNOWBOARDER Magazine’s Online Video Producer, and I were invited to come shoot the riders as they sent it off a massive 70-foot jump and giant hip. Not only did we witness some really sick riding over the course of the event, but we got to see these women, many of whom have to have their games faces on during the season when their schedules are filled with competitions, ride in a more relaxed and less stressful environment. Kimmy’s event created a truly fun atmosphere for the riders.

“I think it’s important for ladies to have multiple opportunities throughout the season to throw down and progress on big, safe, jumps and unique features. Amusement Park was created to give the women another spring-time park progression session where they could ride together, push themselves, and stack shots. The more we get to ride big features, the more we will progress.” – Kimmy Fasani

Here’s a bit about the event from Kimmy:
Amusement Park is designed to be a laid back environment for the ladies to come together, stack photos and video footage, while charging big features. The main focus this year was to build a large picturesque jump and a fun hip on the backside of Mammoth Mountain. With no hesitation, Mammoth’s stellar park builder TJ Dawoud, along with the Mammoth Unbound crew, accepted the task and built an incredible jump and hip. This week-long spring session was intended to wrap the season up with good vibes and bangers in the bag, and the ladies did just that. With style and ease, each one of them put their stamp of approval on the features. Not only did these ladies have a good time, I think they also made some guys a little envious.