Kelly XGAmes Aspen Floros 13060002

Kelly 1st night of practice, days before the history-making 10 was stomped.

Photos & Captions: Susie Floros

To give this post a little context, Susie Floros is the women’s team manager over at Burton Snowboards. A team manager position is one of the more desirable jobs in this industry many of us are fortunate to work in. You’re a globe trotting, travel booking, hand holding, motivator. Ask anyone who actually has this title and they would probably tell you differently, but looking in from the outside, being a team manager is far from a bad gig. Mix the riders Susie deals with and the air miles she racks up, with her passion for photography and you have yourself quite a collection of photos. Making her a perfect candidate as a Dispatch contributor. Not to mention she has been on a kick for shooting film, a personal soft spot for me. –Laura Austin

Peetu XGames Aspen Floros 13060010

Peetu. A soft-spoken Finn with loud riding.

“2011 marked my 10th X Games I believe… It all started for me when I went to look at Western State college in '98 and Crested Butte happened to be hosting the X Games that year. (Photos from that one in an old photo album yet to be scanned.) Highlights of '98 as a spectator included seeing Peter Line & Jim Rippey in the Big Air comp. Shaun Palmer wearing a King crown as he accepted his gold medal & randomly meeting Dave Grohl who upon 1st meeting just looked like a tall guy who crashed in front of me & lost his beanie and goggles… Imagine the surprise when I realized who said fellow shred was. Turns out he was dating Tina Basich at the time who I also got to see in the Big Air comp…

Let's fast forward to 2011….. 12 years have gone by and I am still a fan of snowboarding, still shooting photos & lucky enough to travel and work with some of the best snowboarders in the world. (Who also happen to be some of the best people I have ever had the honor of knowing.)

Here are some Hasselblad shots I took from the most recent Winter X Games in Aspen Colorado. Hope you enjoy them.
Long live film!” –Susie Floros

Kelly. Practice style

Shaun White, the ninja in black.

Enni had quite the rookie debut at X Games, taking home the Gold in women's slope.

It's good to look beyond all the action once in a while & take in the view.