Susie Dispatch 2 1

Kelly Clark. Dropping.

Photos & Captions: Susie Floros

Camera used: The Gretchen Bleiler Holga 120N

“After the X Games, it was time to make the trek up to Calgary for the Canadian Open. This was not only my 1st Canadian Open experience, but my first time shooting with a Holga. Working with the Burton women's team and traveling to events like this I am never at a shortage of interesting subjects to shoot. The contest went well. Kelly Clark took the pipe win for the women, while Jamie Anderson
won the slopestyle. Good times! Not only happy with the contest results, but happy with how my 1st Holga shots turned out. Hope you enjoy them too!” – Susie Floros

Susie Dispatch 2 2

Kelly Clark. GTS ('Getting the Shot')

Susie Dispatch 2 3

Yuki & Rana. Japan Style.

Susie Dispatch 2 4

Silvia Mittermüller. After Shred Stretch.