Words & Photos: Mike Yoshida

Due to the lack of snow in North America, I was forced to find powder overseas. Luckily I got the call from Bridges to tag along with Jake Blauvelt and Eric Jackson on an adventure to Japan ,while filming for Blauvelt's new movie coming out next year. This is the first film trip of the year for Jake, and I think he picked the right place to go. Danny Kass met up with us for a couple of days in between sponsor obligations, and his non-stop comedian antics had us laughing for sure.

We are nearing the end of our trip, and it's going to be sad leaving this place. Not only is Japan awesome for snowboarding, but the food, people, and culture are just all time. I highly suggest for any boarder to make the trip over here.

These guys need some suggestions for the name of Jake's movie, so if you have any ideas, please leave them in the comments! And check Blauvelt's (jakeblauvelt.com) blog for updates on his whereabouts and the movie.