The first trip of the season is always interesting, as you are relearning your gear and also getting back into the momentum of shooting action again. I got the chance to get out of the office and head over to Montreal, Quebec to attempt to dust off the lens of my camera and take a stab at stacking some hammers. I met up with filmer Jon Ray and Dylan Alito from the SNOWBOARDER movie. We drove up from Burlington, Vermont to meet up with Dillon Ojo, local legend and all-time shredder. When we arrived, there was so much snow in the streets! Cars parked on the side of the road had turned into massive snow drifts, and many of the roads had dwindled down to single lane alleys. So, obviously were overly hyped with the amount of snow, the only downside was the temps…it was close to -20C everyday, and Jon and I struggled to keep our toes warm while trying to document as much as we could. My trip out East was short and sweet, and full of awesome boarding.  Thanks to the crew for all the good times!