Everything is closed in Silverton in the winter. Even once your inside you're reminded that winter is the off season here. Its nice to be away from the crowds and in the middle of no where.

Words & Photos: Aaron Dodds

The Dragon Crew has been posted up in Silverton, CO all year and for the month of March I joined up with the crew for some pow slashes, kickers, cliffs, pillows and jam sessions. The crew consisted of Blake Paul of Jackson, WY, Scotty Arnold and Zach Siebert of Park City, UT and Danny Davis and Luke Mitrani who now call Truckee, CA home. Pashley and Drago were on logistics and I was behind the lens. Unfortunately Gigi and Wolle couldn’t make the trip due to injuries. The snow was deep and the skies were sunny. It was a a nice change of pace from the winter of gray as I’ve now dubbed it. Double white rooms every day….What does it even mean?

If you look closely you can see Drago showering in the window above Pashley. Made you look.

Aaron Dodds Dispatch 1 03

Siebert and Scotty. Classic Duo.

Aaron Dodds Dispatch 1 04

Blake Paul turned 18, I mean 21 to anyone that works at the bars in Silverton, while in town.

Aaron Dodds Dispatch 1 05

Blake Paul, man gap.

Aaron Dodds Dispatch 1 06

Drago abandoned his BMW at the house all winter. I mean there is a Rum Distillery in town, not that drinkin and driving is frowned upon here.

Aaron Dodds Dispatch 1 07

Pashley made delicious scrambles every morning for breakfast. Scotty didn't get the memo and tried to scramble anyways.

Aaron Dodds Dispatch 1 08


Aaron Dodds Dispatch 1 09

And Prey

Aaron Dodds Dispatch 1 10

If any one is interested in a Team Management position, this is the first requirement. Pashley showing us how its done.

Aaron Dodds Dispatch 1 11

Big Mountain Scotty Arnold as he'd like to be called. Maybe in his next life. Sorry Scotty...haha

Aaron Dodds Dispatch 1 12

Cruising the strip in Silverton takes all of 4 seconds. The rest of the time is spent at 'Montaña'.

Aaron Dodds Dispatch 1 13

Squid and Danny taking this opportunity to convince Blake to be their roadie this summer. Not sure if he accepted the position yet.

Aaron Dodds Dispatch 1 14

Squid. Mid Jam session.