Dispatches: Nick Visconti – Arbor/Think Thank Premiere


As you are aware, we have four seasons. Traditionally, our honest educational system has taught us that they are Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Recently however, I have become aware that society has misidentified the four annual climate patterns. We have been hoodwinked into living in a seasonal illusion; my time in the snowboard industry has unveiled the truth. Allow me to educate you on the four seasons that actually exist in our reality: Filming Snowboarding, Editing Snowboarding, Producing Snowboarding, and Premiering Snowboarding. We are currently fully consumed in the forth annual season, Premiering Snowboarding.

After a years dedication, the snowboard experience has been filmed, edited, produced and is now premiering. Brands, media platforms, videographers and athletes are traveling to international locations to showcase their snowboarding and cinematographic accomplishments. Heralded by local snowboard enthusiasts, many times inebriated by overwhelming stoke and beer, snowboard crews are living in triumphant euphoria. The journeys and destinations may vary from crew to crew, but they are all consumed in September to November’s Premiering Snowboarding season.

Enjoy a glimpse at premier season through the lens of Venice Beach, Arbor Collective, and ThinkThank’s Ransack Rebellion.

-Nick Visconti