Dispatches: Oli Gagnon 1.7 – Four By Five

This is one shot of a series I did with a bunch of other people. Just black and white close-up with focus on the eyes.. nothing ground breaking but just a cool effect I thought. R: Alex Cantin

Words & Photos: Oli Gagnon

Last winter I shot a lot with my 4×5 camera. For those who don’t know what it is, its a large format camera that shoots 4″ by 5″ film sheets. It kinda looks like an accordion. Anyways that thing is kind of a bitch to carry everywhere but its really fun to shoot. You can do a lot of stuff that regular cameras don’t do, like selective focus and lens movements. Here’s a bunch of leftover shots that didn’t run in the mags.

The two best sledders in Whistler! This was right at the end of a really long day near Pemberton. R: Annie Boulanger & Marie-France Roy

Trying to setup a shot with that big camera at Superpark was kinda dumb. This is the only shot I got that's not a blur fest. R: Dustin Craven

This is Harrison just hanging in a tunnel in Stockholm. R: Harrison Gordon

This was at Chatter Creek Lodge in BC, one of the funnest trip of the year. We rode so much pow it was unreal, for April. This photo sums it up I think.. lodge, sleds, boards and major stoke. R: Jake Blauvelt

This is Jed imitating his drawing on his first pro board. R: Jed Anderson

Don't even ask me how many times I asked Louif to do this method. R: Louif Paradis

Nick fabricated a tattoo machine with a tooth brush and a needle. It works. R: Nick Dirks

This is Nima just hanging in a no parking zone. R: Nima Jalali

Nicolas got bored and canon-balled in a fresh patch of snow, holding a tail grab position. Then he carefully jumped out of the hole and this is what it looked like. You cant fake style. R: Nicolas Muller