Dispatches: Patrick McCarthy – 1.0 Fish Out Of Water


The 686 crew inspired and ready little did we all know that Mike West was taking us on a 12.25 mile hike into the hills of Los Angeles rattle snakes and all.

Words: Patrick McCarthy

Hello world of SNOWBOARDER Magazine, it’s Patrick McCarthy here. After a long season up in the Northwest of great powder snow in the Cascades, which seriously seemed to never end this season, I decided to head down to Southern California to take in a bit of summer action and spend some time at 686 and Westlife Distribution. I took time out to visit some sponsors and the magazines, hang with Mike Yoshida and Ryan Hughes, eat insane amounts of Mexican food, visit some good friends, watch some NBA finals, check out a car show in Del Mar, sing Bill Withers karaoke, and kick it with the 686 crew for some out door and indoor activities. Deep breathe everything down here moves a bit faster (especially on the freeway). Coming down to southern California for a good ole’ Northwest boy like myself can be a bit intimidating but with open arms everyone down here welcomed me in as one of their own for the week. Thanks to everyone who made my trip to southern California memorable. Here are a few photos from some of the berserker experiences that I was able to pack into my week!


Mike West and myself enjoying the hike, getting out in nature, remembering that this beach body is not going to make itself. Amazing terrain and a great experience with the whole 686 crew.

Enjoying lunch at the end of the bridge to nowhere hike with the crew.


Cita and myself were waiting patiently for our celebratory ice-cold margaritas nothing could have capped the day off any better.


Sweet victory or should I say salty victory! Mike West provides the refreshments.


This Triumph at the Del Mar fairgrounds looks like the perfect addition to anyone's summer plans. T-bird was in the grass by the library.


Went to snag some Wahoo’s fish tacos a must on any visit south and low and behold myself slashing some of Mt Baker’s finest powder.


Del Mar car show was amazing but I was not sure whether it was the people watching or the cars that was more interesting to me.


Mike Yoshida and Ryan Hughes not pictured thanks for the hospitality and for having the same deep-rooted love for Karaoke that I do!