Dispatches: Peetard – Peter Line 1.0 Electric Shoot

Jess Kimura

All these photos are from our recent Electric photoshoot in LA. If you've ever met Jess Kimara, then you'd know she's a tough little chick. If you've never met her, this photo of her looking tough sums in up. 5 min earlier she was breaking a bottle over my head for a photo.

Photos & Captions: Peter Line

Peter Line recently acquired a fancy new camera, a digital Hasselblad. If you know anything about cameras you would know that this isn’t your everyday DSLR, point n’ shoot… or better yet the ever so popular iphone camera. Because of this recent come up, we figured we would ask him to be apart of our Dispatches feature. The shots in this post all happen to be shot on a Lumix GF1, but photos from the Hasselblad are soon to come. If you have ever read Peter’s Colon in our magazine, you realize that you never know what to expect out of this guy… and we assume it will be the same case for these Dispatches.

pat moore

This is my new art project, self portrait of my feet standing on people. This one is Pat Moore.

iikka backstrom

Iikka Backstrom

Jess Kimura Peter Line

Jess Kimura

cyle Cadman

Cyle Cadam a.k.a Creeps