This is the camera Brain Farm uses for most of the filming in The Art of Flight. It makes everything look huge.

Photos and words: Oli Gagnon

I got a phone call from Travis while I was at Ms Superpark, asking me if I wanted to go heli with him, Eero Niemela and Scotty Lago for 4 days in Revelstoke. Couldn’t turn down the offer! Packed my bags, flew home and jumped in my truck for the 8 hour drive from Vancouver to Revy. I got there and was lucky enough to get 3 days of sun! The snow conditions were amazing and the crew already had a couple jumps lined up. Make sure you pickup a copy of “The Art of Flight” when it comes out, it will blow your mind!

My private helicopter.

All the other Brain Farm filmers are wearing white camo outfits so you can't see any of them in the snow. They also carry around a shit ton of ridiculously expensive cameras in huge bags that make my camera bag look like a purse.

Scotty, Travis, and Eero getting stoked.

Final prep-work on the run-in.

Actors/nowboarders, not the other way around.Ultimate party zone.Jeremy Jones showed up just before the jump session started. Wait till you see the footage, he fucked shit up on that booter.View from the bottom. Moving on to the next spot!

Eero and I in the heli.

Travis in the rotor wash.

This is scotty waving at me from another helicopter.

Another mega booter construction.

Snow block factory

Definitely the most heli flying I've done in the shortest period of time!