Last night we picked up Chris Carr and Wolle Nyvelt at the airport. the crew is now complete.

Last night we picked up Chris Carr and Wolle Nyvelt at the airport. The crew is now complete.

Photos & Captions: Oli Gagnon

SNOWBOARDER Senior Photographer is just as inclined to snap off a few face melters on-stage with his band Hoopsnake as he is to snap off some of snowboarding’s best images every year. The Quebec native-turned-world-traveler is currently on the North Island of Japan with a few fine fellows, so we feel it necessary to post this Dispatch from the Land of the Rising Sun with the Salomon team. As Team Manager Java Fernandez vaguely puts it on a consistent basis…”Would You?” Domo Arigato.

Oli Dispatch 1 02

This morning we woke up to a snowstorm, so we went out just to take a few laps for fun.

Oli Dispatch 1 03

Mellow golf balls.

Oli Dispatch 1 04

This would be the best picture to describe what snowboarding in japan feels like.

Oli Dispatch 1 05

Louif has a classic method.

Oli Dispatch 1 06

Taka Nakai slashing the shit out of that pillow while I am blowing the shot.

Oli Dispatch 1 07

Niseko gondola, smoking allowed inside.

Oli Dispatch 1 08

Wolle looks tall next to Taka

Oli Dispatch 1 09

I have a small banana with regular camber.

Oli Dispatch 1 10

Decent packin job by Louif Paradis.

Oli Dispatch 1 11

Let's get fucked up.

Oli Dispatch 1 12

After riding, we drove to another town about 4 hours north of Niseko. On the way up we stop to check out the ocean.

Oli Dispatch 1 13

Chris and I jumped down to check how cold the water was.. freezing.

Oli Dispatch 1 14

How pretty.

Oli Dispatch 1 15

We bumped into Mike Yoshida looks like he got a new job at Shell.