Dispatches: Quebexit Strategy – Oli Gagnon 1.2 Surf & Turf

Oli Dispatch 3 01

Yesterday we drove to the coast to go check out the waves because the snow turned to shit. Wolle had his drysuit so everybody took turns and went in the freezing water. The waves were pretty small but Wolle got a few good ones.

Photos & Captions: Oli Gagnon

Yup, our man and senior photographer, Oli Gagnon, is still in Japan with the Salomon team. In the latest Dispatch he hits us with the trifecta… a little surf, a little snow, and a little skate. Not a bad way to spend your time on the North Island. Stay turned for more from the lens of this Canadian in the next Dispatch.

Oli Dispatch 3 02

Frontside for Chris, Louif and Harrison.

Oli Dispatch 3 03

Wolle is the man.

Oli Dispatch 3 04

Harrison was a bit confused on what gear to bring down to the beach.

Oli Dispatch 3 05

This morning we decided to go try to shoot this spot near the resort. We got there only to find out that Mike Yoshida and his homies got there before us and were already chipping away and setting it up. So we ended up just going up the gondola and shred for fun.

Oli Dispatch 3 06

Boris Benedek, handling biz on this natty rainbow log, and probably getting more photos published than his bro these days!

Oli Dispatch 3 07

Wolle Nyvelt 50-50ed this tree all the way to the end and goal posted the two branches. Almost blew the shot there.

Oli Dispatch 3 08

Harrison’s quote for this photo: ‘I should’ve landed that’.

Oli Dispatch 3 09

Looks like Chris Carr his doing this ollie to fakie in a pipe from 97′

Oli Dispatch 3 10

We went in for food, and the crew next to our table were just taking a nap at the table.

Oli Dispatch 3 11

So we did the same.

Oli Dispatch 3 12

Harry wanted me to trow a nice colored gel on this one, but I decided to shoot it natty.

Oli Dispatch 3 13

After dinner we went to the local skatepark in Kutchan, near Niseko. There’s a sick bowl with a hip and a couple vert walls and a mellow mini ramp. Louif and Harry in the mini.

Oli Dispatch 3 14

It’s puking so much here, even in the indoor skatepark. Wolle is plowing through this fs grind.

Oli Dispatch 3 15

Our japanese friend Rip Zinger’s got a mean game of skate. Ask Rick Howard.

Oli Dispatch 3 16

Wolle’s fs air and the end of a long day.

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