Dispatches: Quebexit Strategy – Oli Gagnon 1.4 Sapporo

Oli Dispatch 5 01

This is the end of the trip, we're driving back to Sapporo and the packing job in our van is getting really sloppy.

Photos & Captions: Oli Gagnon

SNOWBOARDER Senior photographer Oli Gagnon and the Salomon team left the mountains in Japan and headed into Sapporo to spend their last days on the North Island. You can imagine that spending time in a Japanese city is a complete culture shock since nothing is familiar. In this Dispatch see how the Salomon team coped.

Oli Dispatch 5 02

No caption needed here.

Oli Dispatch 5 03

Guess who's feet.

Oli Dispatch 5 04

Had to go for Sean Genovese's pro model pizza for lunch.

Oli Dispatch 5 06

So awesome.

Oli Dispatch 5 05

The Japanese and they're monster trucks.

Oli Dispatch 5 07

We went for a bit of shopping and Harrison found a cool 't-shart'.

Oli Dispatch 5 08

Then Louif found was he's been looking for this whole trip.

Oli Dispatch 5 09

The Mike Yoshida masks are hot right now.

Oli Dispatch 5 10

I was scrolling through Dirksen's photos on his phone and this one came up.

Oli Dispatch 5 11

Java went for a quick nap before going out.

Oli Dispatch 5 12

This guy was rocking the Don's new pro model boots.

Oli Dispatch 5 13

We met up with our homies from Sapporo and headed to the bar.

Oli Dispatch 5 14

Harry somehow passed out while drinking ice cold beers.

Oli Dispatch 5 15

But then he got a second wind and went partying in the acid room, while someone was, of course, singing karaoke.