6am in Pemberton, such a nice sunrise! Today I'm going up sledding with Devun, Iikka and Kimmy Fasani. I got back from Japan last night so I'm still pretty jet lagged. Should be a good day!

Photos & Captions: Oli Gagnon

Oli Gagnon left the North Island and made his way back home to Canada where he went straight into the backcountry with DC riders Devun Walsh, Iikka Backstrom and, Kimmy Fasani. The life of a snowboard photographer.

We ran into Jake Blauvelt in the parking, he was going riding solo so we just all teamed up for the day. Warm up soccer ball session before the sled ride.

Fine tuning the track before the 25 km bumpy trail. Eeeeerrtzz

This is whats up. A true man's board.

Oli Dispatch 6 05

Early morning step-down session, Iikka and jake slayed it real quick into this tight landing.

Oli Dispatch 6 06

Then of course the clouds rolled in for a while.

Oli Dispatch 6 07

After sledding around for a bit the dudes scoped out a nice jump spot.

Oli Dispatch 6 08

Building time! Notice how Devun and Kimmy color-matched theyre jackets before going up.

Oli Dispatch 6 09

Kimmy pictured here paying the price.

Oli Dispatch 6 10

You know it's a hammer when you see that smile.

Oli Dispatch 6 11

I was almost able to snap a photo of Devun and Iikka doubling up butt-to-nuts.

Pizza for lunch.

Oli Dispatch 6 13

Another stepdown, that one was quick to build. Trick talk on the lip.

Oli Dispatch 6 14

Kimmy stomped her trick and blacked out.

Oli Dispatch 6 15

Iikka and Devun's new rig. Killer highmarks

Iikka trying out my ASMO board for the first time!