words and photos: T. Bird

December 18th escalated quickly. It started with a text message to Deadlung, aka Mark Edlund, a true Snowbird local and Utah snowboard royalty asking if I could come lap The Bird with him and shoot some photos for a web piece. Lung texted some of his friends, and luckily for me, his roster of homies included J2, Mikey LeBlanc, Casey Nelson, Shane Charlebois, Mike Ranquet, Dave Doman, Aaron Biittner, and Justin Bennee. Little did I know that a simple Day in the Life with Lung would evolve into a dream session with some of my favorite snowboarders ever.

Along for the ride with me were SNOWBOARDER Senior Photographer Ethan "E-Stone" Fortier and contributor Pat Harrington as well as MiloSport's Trevor Brady. We headed up to Snowbird around 10am to meet up with Lung and it was hammering snow, with flakes the size of quarters falling from the sky.

Deadlung laps The Bird every single day of the winter, and he sticks to a strict regimen. Chip's Run is a cat track that snakes down the entire mountain for thousands of vertical feet and it's a veritable skatepark (it actually holds a section of the trail called "The Skatepark") filled with jibs, bonks, hips and cat tracks to jump off of. On any given day, Lung can be found lapping the tram with a crew of friends, yet last Thursday was truly something special.

Riding with my camera in hand, it was a rapid-fire succession of living legends boosting off of every popper in sight, following Lung down his home run. It was truly incredible, and an experience I'm still coming down from. At the end of the day, we snapped a quick group shot in order to document the cadre of icons at Snowbird, and as I type this and edit the photos, it's still quite surreal as to how monumental this was for me to witness. It was truly an honor, and I wanna thank everyone who allowed me to follow them around all day long to make this Dispatch happen, especially Deadlung, J2, Mikey, Bennee, Biittner, Casey, Ranquet and Snowbird's Marketing Director Brian Brown. Let's do it again soon.