words: T. Bird

If you haven’t heard, SNOWBOARDER Magazine is making our first full-length film in fourteen years. The crew is incredible and they’ve been busting their asses filming full parts for our project. The filmers have been working equally as hard and I have to thank our Director Trent Ludwig for keeping the project in order, as well as filmers Jon Ray, Cole Taylor, Derek Weimer, and everyone else contributing to this effort on the film side of things.

Two weeks ago, I traveled to Woodward at Copper in Colorado with Trent, Jon, and Cole as well as my fellow coworkers John Cavan and Ryan Hughes to help document a pipe shoot that Trent put together. The crew was Sam Taxwood, Hans Mindnich, Taylor Gold, Ben and Gabe Ferguson, and Chase Josey, and it went off. Every rider had their day and stood out during a session and they seemed to get along very well. Day and night we tirelessly slogged around the pipe until the early hours of the morning set in but eventually we left Copper with everything we needed for the film. Make sure to pick up a copy of The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Foreword when it comes out to familiarize yourself with the future of professional snowboarding.


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