words and photos: Mike Yoshida

I've been lucky enough to shoot with Think Thank for the last nine seasons and one thing that Jesse Burtner has always been good about is picking a crew that is like-minded and works well as a team. "Brain Dead Heart Attack" is Think Thank's tenth video, and as a celebratory move, Jesse organized a ten-year anniversary shoot with all the riders at Summit-at-Snoqualmie, Washington. Everyone who filmed for the video was present, and a couple alumni riders even showed up to shred in celebration of ten years of Think Thank.

Day one consisted of a man-made rubble pile that all the riders had carved out into an insane moto jump course. All the riders were getting the session going, but in classic northwest fashion, the clouds closed in and poured down rain, with the occasional bits of lightning firing off. The rain didn't stop all the guys from riding and we finished out the day and decided to call it early so we could dry all our gear out.

On the second day, the Summit-at-Snoqualmie park staff built us a random rail setup.  Jesse asked the park staff to arrange all the tubes and rails chaotically, so the crew could do combos and get creative. Everyone was riding so well and it was really entertaining to see how these guys and girls picked apart the course. I could go on and on about what went down, but you'll just have to go out and buy "Brain Dead Heart Attack" and see for yourself.