words and photos: T. Bird

Some have said that the new ThirtyTwo film, 2032, is the most highly anticipated movie of the year. Come to think of it, I may have been one of the people who have said that. Regardless, with a team stacked full of highly capable snowboarders, the new ThirtyTwo movie is going to blow minds. Think about it: Scott Stevens, Chris Grenier, Chris Bradshaw, JP Walker and Jeremy Jones mixed intermingled with the new crop of soon-to-be superstars like Dylan Alito, Jordan Small, Spencer Schubert, Johnny O'Connor and Brandon Hobush (just to name a few). It's going to be out of this world.

In February, historic amounts of snowfall slammed New England so I flew back for a few quick days to meet up with Jordan Small, Hobush, Bradshaw and Alito, with Jeff Heit running the logistics on the ground and behind the lens. Luckily for me the crew had a bunch of spots scoped out already so as soon as I landed we were off to the races and we hit the ground running. During that time, nearly every single film crew was somewhere on the East Coast, so our crew’s days started early and ended late.

We met up with the Yawgoons, a notorious Rhode Island resort-based crew that in my opinion is currently re-scripting the book of inbounds snowboarding and they were an absolute blast to hang out with. They know this area better than anyone and their defacto leader and full-time filmer Dr. Brendan (he's a dentist for real) was rallying around and showing us new spots which was way more than we could've ever asked for. Long for the ride with Dr. B were Marcus Rand, Brian Skorupski and Dylan Gamache. For real though, these three snowboarders are more influential in snowboarding right now than many of their peers and they ride a hill with a few hundred vertical feet. Think about that.

I hope you enjoy looking at the photos of the ThirtyTwo crew in Rhode Island as much as I did shooting them. Keep an eye out for 2032.