'This was the first day the party started. Crammed Am Van for Life! Zach Rawles, Viktor Simco, Riley Nickerson, Ross Patton, Mark Wilson, Derrek Lever, Cameron Strand, Joe Radano (filmer), and Chase Hart (filmer) piled up and hit the road around Tahoe for a week.' 'Got in a 3 day shoot at Big Bear for Rome's new video, The Shred Remains. A huge thanks to Clayton Shoemaker and the whole Bear staff for going above and beyond... again! Definitely one of the best setups I've been apart of. The crew was Laurent-Nicolas Paquin, Marie Hucal, Stale Sandbech, Johnny Lazz, Viktor Simco, Frode Sandbech, Ron Faverty, Pat Bridges, and John Cavan.'

Viktor Simco might have one of the dopest names in the shred game today. Not only that he is calls Minnesota home which is where Hüsker Dü, The Replacements and the artist formerly know as Prince are from. Prince probably wouldn't have gone with the symbol deal had he started out with a name as awesome as Victor Simco. Seriously. That is like some Bond villain shit. Speaking of which it would be pretty bitchin' to have Goldfinger or Dr. No do Dispatch updates. "Here is a photo of me with my world dominating death ray." or "Here I am playing foosball with Pussy Galore." Instead we get photos of Marie "Internet Assault" Hucal and LNP which is still pretty cool but not Bond Villain cool. That said the best part about Viktor though is that his riding is more badass than his name and he is hooking us up with Dispatches.

Quick pit stop on the way to the bar. Larry taking the Browns to the Super Bowl.

Clayton giving the clan a taste of his local go-to Saloon, Nottingham's. When you stop in, get the Notti Burger and a Delirium beer, you can't go wrong.

Life of a Marie. Always smiling.

Corona and Fuego. A crucial meal for the road. Cavan, Marie, Larry, and Viktor headed from Bear back up to Tahoe.

How much is gas where you live?

Never underestimate a Reno pawn shop. Good thing this eye candy is on the base, otherwise I'd never make it down alive! How much would you pay for this??

“Now the Crammed Am Van just drove to Oregon. Much appreciation to Mt. Bachelor for those 2 kickass sunny days! Ian Hart was just picked up at the Portland airport, and has now fallen victim to the ways of the SDS Van Life. Thanks to Windell’s for letting us skate some indoor on this rainy day. We’re back on the road for more chaos tomorrow, so stay posted” – Viktor