words and photos: Mike Yoshida

Videograss is the epitomy of a core snowboard movie. Next level tricks, amazing personalities, and that raw "don't give a f*$#" attitude is what keeps me stoked on their videos year after year.

Within the Videograss contingent there lies the House of 1817 crew. Hailing from Minnesota, these guys have defined a sort of raw, fast, Midwest style that regionally stands out when you see these guys shred. Everything is methodically thought out, and before you know it, what seems impossible is suddenly going down right in front of your eyes.

The crew consisted of Joe Sexton, Justin Fronius, Danimals and Jake OE. On the filming front there was Riley Erickson (of human GPS fame). This guy knows and has pioneered more spots in the Midwest than most riders could ever find in their lifetime. Alongside Riley was Sam Fentonm and they also had Jake Durham who is filming a more behind-the-scenes angle of the trip.

We started the trip in Chicago, in hopes of finding some new spots. We didn't have the best luck out there, so we ended up driving north up to Michigan.  Temps were at an all time low, and the day that we drove up to the peninsula it was forecasted to be -50F in Chicago. Surviving the arctic blast was quite the struggle for the media, but we endured the freeze and luckily it ended up warming up to a balmy zero degrees the next day.

One thing that I learned about this crew was that they really know how to have a good time, and when it comes to boarding, they work super hard to get that perfect shot. Everyone was stacking clips, and it was surprising to see all four of the guys getting shots at the same spot, and on multiple days. Fronius was for sure the MVP, and I couldn't believe one of the tricks that he got at a spot in Michigan…possible ender? You'll have to subscribe to next year’s volume and watch VG's next release to find out!