words and photos: Mike Yoshida

In mid April, I got the call to head out to Jackson to shoot with the Volcom crew. I was pretty tired, just getting back from The Launch that day, but I decided that winter was going to be over soon, and booked a ticket out the next day. I met up with Curtis Ciszek, Bryan Iguchi, Mark Landvik, Mark Carter, Filmer Jake Price, and Joe Carter the next day. We were lucky enough to score some blue skies, which was not forecasted at all, and proceeded to destroy several of the secret zones that Guch had lined up for us. Jackson is truly a magical place. Although they do not get the same deep snowpack as we do in the Northwest, the place makes up for it with the endless zones, good snow, and late season resets.

We ended up meeting with the Gnu crew (Matt Edgers, Forest Bailey, and Forrest Burki) halfway through our trip. Many parking lot muff games were had, and we even had an impromptu snowball fight that ended with Jake throwing a full plate of leftover shrimp grits at Forrest Burki’s windshield. The antics were all time.

Huge thanks to Guch and his family for being so generous, and for showing us the epic terrain in his own backyard.