words and photos: Brian Nero

It was the topic of discussion all week long. At work, the grocery store, the gas pumps, everywhere. "Did you hear about the snow storm?" "I hope we have enough bread and milk." "We could be snowed in for a week or more." The things that people were saying made me laugh; was I the only one who was excited for what was about to be a rare, heavy snowfall at my home city of DC?

Our crew quickly changed our weekend plans and bunkered down at Alex and Hannah Budnik's homebase, located just twenty minutes from the city. The snow started early Friday afternoon and by 7pm there was close to a foot already on the ground. We knew we were finally good to go. The rest of the night and the entire day Saturday, we spent driving around on empty Washington DC streets filled with 29 inches of snow, dropping into every rail, ledge and wall we've documented over the years, but just have never been able to hit. At this point the storm was at its worst. With 50mph-plus winds and near whiteout conditions, Jason Anderson battled a backside boardslide through a perfect down-flat-down c rail just a few streets from where we were staying. With a crowd of neighborhood kids to cheer him on. The final land was well worth the applause.

We got up early Sunday to make it into the city. The conditions couldn’t have been more perfect with bluebird skies and endless amounts of snow. Most of the city was still snowed in, making getting around the narrow streets a bit harder, but not impossible due to the help of the hundreds of snow removal crews. DC did not disappoint. Everyone in the group got a photo. Living in an area that normally doesn’t get a ton of snow makes it even more special when a storm does come through. Now, as the snow melts away, we can definitely say it was a good weekend.