words: Spencer Schubert
photos and captions: T. Bird

If you’re in the snowboard community and have been in Salt Lake City on a Wednesday night, you have most likely been to Wednesdays at Willie’s. It’s a weekly dance party hosted by snowboarding’s favorite DJ/my roommate, Matty “Mo” Moriarty. Mo is the face of the party scene at Willie’s, so when the owner bought the sports bar across the street and was having a grand opening for the new bar, Big Willie’s, it only made sense to have Matty host the kickoff. About two weeks before the event, Matty came up with the idea to do a half karaoke, half dance party, and asked me if I would run the karaoke side of things. Being a huge fan of drunk singing with my friends, it was decided to hold the first ever Lick the Karaoke with DJ Matty Mo. Most of the promoting was spread by word of mouth at the Bone Zone and a few Instagram flyers posted by the Lick the Cat boys. By the time Saturday rolled around and we had a few prizes to give out from sponsors Ride, Dragon, Brighton, and the Bone Zone, we had ourselves a full snowboard rager. Everyone came out, from the local Brighton and Bone Zone homies, to guest appearances from big name pros like Frank April, Chris Grenier and Bode Merrill. The bar was packed, the karaoke list filled up, and by the time the number of beers made it hard to read the words on the screen, Matty Mo shut it down with the dance party! It was an insane night, overall and you can look forward to seeing another Lick the Karaoke night soon!