words and photos: JP Walker

Another year at The Spot and it is already our 5th season since we relocated to Brighton. The snow took its sweet time to fall this year but that just gave us more time to build new features, like the loop, and get ready to go hard once winter finally kicked in. We set up our usual jams like the double line and the kink but also had some fun tree and QP sessions and of course we had our annual camp night. It was one of the coldest on record yet but we burned a hectare of wood all night long and sessioned the flat bar powered by lights and generator to stay warm.

Alex Sherman and Benny Urban made their first visit to The Spot and Jake Welch made a steady appearance accompanied by Spot Boss' Jeremy Jones, Seth Huot, Blair McKinney and myself for another amazing start to winter. We love The Spot and we are thankful that Brighton Resort lets us run our operation in peace. As always, we are already looking forward to next season!

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