words and photos by JP Walker

I recently finished up the final editing for Jibberish Volume 2 for a full movie release which dropped on September 30th. The summer went by fast as I was glued to the computer editing most of the summer, but I finally had a chance to head down to Mexico for some surfing at one of my favorite spots in Los Cabos. I went down solo for about ten days and caught a pretty solid south swell before I had to head back to SoCal. Once I was home the first appointment was a quick media blitz to pump up HDHR 2013. Next, ThirtyTwo decided to make September 20th officially Ditch Day to celebrate the start of winter with a fun skate session at Griffith Park in LA. There was a BBQ, food and drinks, and some local homies showed up to come hang and skate. After that it was up to Big Bear for Hot Dawgz and Hand Rails. It was the 10th annual and the park staff boys didn’t disappoint. The set up was perfect with a good spread of mellow features, but also options to get gnar if you were feeling it. Most felt the gnar and went hard and put on a good show. The next day was the Burnt Dawgz golf classic to celebrate all the hard work all the Bear homies put into the event and making it happen. It was best ball and there were all kinds of awards from closest to the hole to worst drive. Good times. With that, winter is officially on deck.