Downtown Throwdown 2009 Winners

Downtown Throwdown 2009 Winners

After a month of preparation, 20 hours of set up, 500 questions from passer buyers, one lady with a pigeon living on her head and 27,000 pounds of ice; the stage was set in Occidental Park in downtown Seattle for the 4th annual Snowboy Productions’ Downtown Throwndown rail contest.

It was a stacked field of heavy hitters and up and coming rail masters. With guest judges Sean Genovese, Jon Kooley, Austin Smith, Mark Thompson and Tim Eddy; these guys were going to have to throw down to get noticed. And they did.

It was pretty much just pedal to the metal as soon as the gong sounded and riding began. Being the first time most of these guys had ridden in at least a month, there were no signs of rust or hesitation. Johnny Lazz dropped first and dropped often for the two-hour marathon event, showing Seattle why he has become a force to reckon with at rail contests everywhere. Ben Bogart dominated early with backside 180 presses and general sickness. Austin Hironaka was learning tricks on the fly and learning to watch out for his little brother Jacob as well. Both brothers were charging, although only the elder did it in shorts. Gus Engle stumbled out of rail contest retirement to amaze the crowd with a picture perfect fs 360 50-50. But it didn't come without a heavy nine slams to the face/torso price tag. Lib Tech's Jason Robinson was all over the place, showing that diversification doesn't just apply to your stock portfolio. He also held down best trick with a backside 360 5-0 on the down bar. Local rippers Seth Kitzke, Ivan Marchinko and Austen Sweetin all rode well, with Sweetin coming up big with switch backlips and a plethora of other hammers.

Canada was representing with technician Ben Bilocq leading the charge. Ben delivered what you would expect from the best presser in the game but also came through with some new moves like 270s and melon lipslides. His Canadian compatriots and DTTD new comers Nash Lejeunesse and Mike Ruddy rode great as well, with Mike pulling a hard way bs 180 switch press on the down rail.

Scott Stevens got going early and never slowed down. He locked in on the session and the rest was bangers and hilarious one footed hand springing moments. Austen Granger collided with Scott but both were fine and Granger went on to hard way frontside 270 the rail.

I think your getting the picture here, everyone was ripping. Snowboy created a setup conducive to progression, fun and entertainment. Chris Brewster landed a slew of moves, fully earning his first year spot at the contest. As did high school mustache owner Forrest Bailey, who was looking talented beyond his years. Milbery rolled in late but made up for lost time with stylish lines of grabs and channel slides.

When it was all said and done it was tricky Nick Visconti who shined the brightest. Consistently dropping bangers, showing his technical prowess as royalty of the jibbing vanguard. Nick simply didn't stop and hardly messed up with next level trick after trick.

It was a beautiful day in beautiful Seattle, thanks to Occidental Park for hosting the event and all the sponsors: Lib Tech, Snowboy Productions, Red Bull Snowboarding, Think Thank, SnoCon, Ride Washington, Quicksilver and Pyramid Ales.

Downtown Throwdown 2009 Results:
1st Nick Visconti
2nd Forrest Bailey
3rd Scott Stevens
4th Johnny Lazz
5th Ben Bogart

Best Trick: Jason Robinson