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Above is a bonus gallery from the Downtown Throwdown event. Below are the bangers.

Recap: T. Bird
Photos: Huggy
Captions: Pat Bridges

When preparing for any North American snowboard event, one is likely to toss on a jacket, and possibly snow pants and a beanie. An umbrella is not necessarily a requirement in most cases. That is, unless your case involves an October rail jam in Seattle.

4 jess kimura
SNOWBOARDER would like to congratulate Jess Kimera on winning 2010 Womens Rookie Of The Year, Videopart Of The Year and Rider Of The Year. Rider: Jessica Kimura

On Saturday, October 9th, hundreds of people packed into Pioneer Square for the annual Downtown Throwdown presented by Lib Technologies. Local legend Krush Kulesza and his Snowboy Productions team put together a nice little rail setup including a double bar down rail, a flat-down box, an assortment of barrels below the rails and a lexan quarterpipe, gutted, and connected by a rail. Tons of snow was trucked in to provide the riders with a platform to show the onlookers their pre-season best. A slow, gray drizzle didn't deter the spectators, and the two-hour rail jam was a much-needed kick-off to the 2010/2011 Northwest season.

5 downtown throwdown 03
Here is Sam Hulbert hiking the setup. In this photo you can see the Ride Contra bindings, which incorporate cants in to the base plates. This is a brilliant move during an election year when everyone is so focused on left leaning or right leaning candidates. Rider: Samuel Hulbert

Now, you know how these things go, because I've written it before. Recapping jam session-formetted events (especially rail jams) is harder than squeezing out a turd after eating a wheel of cheese. However, I did see enough action to let you know who I thought was riding at exceptionally high levels. They are (but not necessarily limited to): Forest Bailey, Jake Kuzyk, Ben Bogart, Yale Cousino, Brandon Reis, Ryan Paul, Ted Borland, Scotty Stevens, Nick Visconti, Austen Sweetin, Austin Hironaka, Chris Beresford, Johnny Lazzareschi, Andrew Brewer, Dylan Thompson, Jonah Owen, and…man, I pretty much just listed the entire field, but for good reason.

8 andrew brewer
Andrew Brewer rides for DC Show Co. USA which was founded by Ken Block. If you haven't seen Gymcwhatever 3 part 2 on youtube then you don't have the internet and aren't reading this caption. Ken Block should get sponsored by Dominos. Like seriously. He would be a good endorser for their quick delivery and imagine the commercials. Oh and another piece of free advice for the Block-Buster, start playing up the fact that in a lot of photos like this one the snowboard graphics say ECO USA. Rider: Andrew Brewer

Snowboarding in the rain can be fun, especially when you're with friends, and all the competitors (though drenched to the bone) looked like they were having a damn good time. Thus, the level of riding was through the roof. Every variation of every rail trick imaginable was attempted, and in most cases, landed. It was such a whirlwind of activity that I could barely keep my eye on one rider's line, because ten or so feet away, something else was happening that was totally and completely radical. MC's Preston Strout and Jesse Burtner called the action non-stop while Pat Milbery, Darrell Mathes, Sean Genovese, and Zac Marben tallied their judges sheets to designate the top five spots to a few of the aforementioned participants. Listed below are the best of show in the 2010 Downtown Throwdown. Make note that this is an event that's as fun to go to as it is to witness. It's controlled mayhem with unbelievable snowboarding. Just the thing you need to get stoked for the upcoming season. Get here next year.

9 chris brewster
If you know the significance behind the brand name ThirtyTwo let us know in the comments below. Rider: Christopher Brewster


5th: Ted Borland

4th: Jake Kuzyk

3rd: Forest Bailey

2nd: Scott Stevens

1st: Ryan Paul

Hardest Charger: Johnny Lazzareschi

14 viscoti beresford fronts
Next thing you know Chris Beresford is going to walk up to Damian Sanders and tell him he can flip better than him, just like when he told Brushie that his method was better. Riders: (left) Chris Berresford (right) Nick Visconti

16 kuzyk visconti yale
One of the highlights of the day was when Nick Visconti unbuckled and started to do The Robot in the landing. Riders: (left) Jake Kuzyk (right) Nick Visconti

19 forest 2019
Now that they have figured out how to get the miners out of that hole in Chile they can focus on keeping the minors out of the bars at snowboard contests. Rider: Forest Bailey

22 nick visconti 06
Can the stalker in the red be any more obvious? Nick Visconti footplanting over the barrel obstacle. Rider: Nick Visconti

24 jonah owen
If you grab this photo and put it on your desktop and then zoom in a lot this photo looks like an old Coleco Vision video game. Rider: Jonah Owen

25 zac marben
Help Zac Marben choose his Halloween Costume by leaving a comment below. The choices are a) one of the three musketeers, b) Captain Morgan or c) Nasfaratu. Rider: Zac Marben

28 johnny lazz
Johnny Lazz showed a lot of heart by coming back from this fall. Speaking of which, Heart is a band from Seattle. It is hard to believe that the same Heart which released kickass jams like Barracuda and Medicine Man in the 70'3 released What About Love and All I Wanna Do in the 80's. Rider: Johnny Lazzereschi

30 scott stevens 05
Scott Stevens took a page out of Pat Moore's book of tricks when he did 10 mid ho-ho handstand pushups in the middle of the contest. Rider: Scott Stevens

34 ryan paul 1890
86 aka Ryan Paul has been likened to the Lucas Magoon of the 2010 jib contest scene. Better than being compared to the Lucas Magoon of the big Bear Scene. Rider: Ryan Paul

35 ryan paul and lazz
The bartenders at the after party were pretty bummed when Ryan Paul tried to pay his 10% rule tab of $300 with an I.O.U. Rider: Ryan Paul

37 my van
Now that you have seen all of the Downtown Throwdown photos may the Command (⌘)-Option-Escape be with you.