This year Brandon Hobush aka Bush has an opportunity to become the first-ever 3X champ of the DTTD. Currently he shares the 2X title with Jed Anderson…not bad company. With back-to-back victories in Seattle and second and fifth places in San Francisco he has also collected $15K in cardboard I.O.U.’s over the past two seasons to help support an up and coming professional career.

– Krush Kulesza

How has the DTTD helped your snowboard career?  
It helped me purchase my first car. And also just being able to participate in this contest has given me a lot of exposure.

Over the past two years you’ve impressed a pretty legit list of judges (Sean Genovese, Scotty Wittlake, Bode Merril, Forest Bailey, LNP, Chris Grenier, Zac Marben, Darrel Mathes and Jess Kimura)…what does it mean to have those guys involved with the event?
They’re all amazing snowboards who are pushing the limits. I still get star struck with all of these rad Boarders. So being able to do a contest that they are judging gets me stoked!

How do you think the response to the event will be this year in Minneapolis?
It’s one of the most popular places to go film urban in the winter. So it already has that rail/street hype. I feel like its going to be a great turnout.

What city should the DTTD roll to next?
Obviously SLC! The best place on the planet!! Haha.

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