Downtown Throwdown San Francisco Recap


Words: Pat Bridges
Photos: Mike Yoshida and Andrejs Lazdins

The 2012 Lib Tech Downtown Throwdown pre-season event series came to a conclusion on Saturday October 27th at San Francisco's Civic Center in the shadow of San Fran's City Hall dome. Krush Kulesza and Snowboy Production once again played God by bringing the snow to the streets to create slick scaffolding setup that included a down-flat-down ledge, an up-down bar, and a pole jam-to-round bar-to-donkey dick with all three of these jibs feeding into a course wide head high wallride zone.

The 20 riders onhand for this return to San Francisco ran the gamut of next generation jib talent with many notable film pro's making a rare appearance in a contest setting.

Though a handful of resorts are open most of the attendees still had their summer legs underneath them. Despite having a handful of days at A-Basin under his belt Dylan Alito, dressed as Ronald McDonald, couldn't pull off the Mac Attack and he violently scorped to his chest and shoulder from a supersized attempt at the down-flat-down ledge and left the venue coughing up blood. Joining Dylan on the DL was Norcal local Sammy Spiteri who may have torn his rotator cuff early in the running. Rounding out the trio of upper torso casualties was Bear Mountain's Daniel Brown whose shoulder kept popping out with each failed trick attempt. Though these were the most serious injuries pretty much everyone in the field was bruised and bloody by the end of the finals due to how heated the competition was.

The extended jam was well over two hours long and in that time a flurry of fancy footwork was on display including crowd pleasing flips, technical switch maneuvers and various spin on, spin off wizardry. DWD's Sean Genovese, Gnu's Forest Bailey and Monsters Bode Merrill were tasked with judging the whole deal and consistency was a serious consideration. The results could have shook out any number of ways and a 16 way tie wouldn't have been unwarranted but ultimately there needs to be a set group of winners and losers. The official results are as follows:

Bode Merrill's Baker’s Dozen Shoot For The Cosmos Award – Johnny Brady; 13 Cosmo Shots (Wallride Crippler)

Monster Moment Best Trick Award- Brendan Gerard; $500 (Pole Jam FS 180 switch 50-50 half-cab out)
1st Place – Nial Romanek; $6000
2nd Place – Brandon Hobush; $3000
3rd Place – Dylan Thompson; $2000
4th Place – Ted Borland; $1000
5th Place – Andrew Brewer; $500

Here are the specific standout tricks according to the riders in the field:

"Nial Romanek's nollie FS 180 to switch nosepress." – Johnny Brady

"Nial Romanek's FS 180 to switch nosepress oppo FS 180 out." – Andrew Brewer

"Brandon Hobush's switch BS 270 on the down rail." – Dylan Thompson

"Nial's FS 180 switch nosepress halfcab out." – Max Warbington

"Brandon Hobush's 3 270's in a row." – Ted Borland

"Nial Romanek's FS 180 switch nosepress halfcab out." – Brandon Hobush

"Zak Hale's pole jam to front board." – Stefan Krumm

"Brandon Hobush’s switch BS 270, BS 270 and hardway FS 270 all perfectly one after another in three drops on the down rail." – Sean Black

"Nial Romanek's FS 180 switch nosepress half cab." – Brandon Reis

"Brandon Hubush's switch BS 270 on the rail." – Nial Romanek

“Fuck man, think I hit my head so many times I can’t remember a stand out answer. Anything bundy laced on the down bar, hobush 3for3 270’s in a row, Jhonny’s front cork by far, nials nollie hardway nosepress was nuts. Pretty sure it’s never been done. Pretty much all downbar shit, but Brendan Gerard I think charging that gap out front blunt sameway. Don’t know who was doin ill backside handlpants, but bundy’s cab 270 to slidin a solid switch blunt on the quarter pipe mighta been my favorite. Or if Johnny woulda laced that HW back 1 cab 3 with his timeless style woulda been number one. Buncha rad shit went down but I kinda just tried to concentrate and eventually learn how to ride that shit which was a waste of time and watched my homies. Shit, Nial switch front blunt and bringing back so straight right through the donkey. Dudes raw and does some crazy tricks. Wish I wouldn’t have rode and just watched but it was almost enjoyable gettin’ played so many times. The crowd always wants to see some slams.” – Chris Larsen

“Dylan Thompson’s hard way BS 270.” – Zak Hale

“Everything Ted Borland. Everything Brandon Hobush.” – Sammy Luebke

“Nial Romanek’s nollie nosepress FS 180” – Daniel Brown

The San Francisco Downtown Throwdown 2012 was sponsored by Lib Tech, Monster Energy, Arnette, Mt Bachelor,, Sierra-at-Tahoe, and SFO Snowboarding and Snowboarder Magazine. Check back to for the full video recap coming soon.