The van has been packed, the call has been made and Mocha Boys have hit the road for a reunion tour across the western states. It’s the grand finale of the Dragon #WeAreFrameless Tour, but if there is anything we have learned in the past two winters, it’s that a swan song by these melodic gentlemen is the stuff that makes gold records. Scratch that, platinum records.

Blake Paul, Spencer Schubert, Tommy Gesme, Mark Wilson, Dillon Ojo reunite and are joined by Frank April as they kick things off in Salt Lake City, dropping into Brighton Resort and pre-season paradise, the Bone Zone. In this seven minute video, join the Dragon crew as the decimate all rideable acreage in their path and provide their own take on early season riding, bringing back the #WAF breed of boarding we’ve been craving since the tour disbanded just a year ago.

So, sit back and enjoy the first episode of the 2015 Dragon #WeAreFrameless tour and stay tuned to @dragonalliance and for more from this crew of raucous riders.

Filmed by Colton Feldman and Rodrick AF Snipe and edited by Colton Feldman.