The Dragon team channels their inner cowboy as they point the van north to Big Sky Country for the second stop of the #WeAreFrameless Tour. It may have been early in winter, but Montana was already getting hit with storm patterns and yielded plenty of white gold for these board-ready prospectors. As they search for precious metals and plentiful transition, Blake Paul, Spencer Schubert, Tommy Gesme, Mark Wilson, Dillon Ojo, along with fearless leader Kyle Martin continue their grand tour swan song via the sweet, sweet melodies of their cohesive and easy-styled snowboarding.

From Dragon

Stop number two of the #WeAreFrameless Tour brings us to Big Sky country. Following a series of storms, Montana boasted some serious snowpack and the perfect setting for the Mocha Boys to do their thing. From high speed rollers to an abundance of soft street, this mountain mecca gave up the goods and left the Mocha Boys with permanent smiles on their faces.

Over the course of this month the #WeAreFrameless Tour will travel from Utah to the Northwest with three stops and four edits along the way. Be sure to follow @dragonalliance to stay up to date on the most recent Tour action!

Filmed by Colton Feldman and Rodrick AF Snipe, edited by Colton Feldman.

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