Just when you thought the Mocha Boys had left the stage, after a symphonic thrashing of both banked turns and powder landings at Mt. Bachelor, they have returned for an encore. Presenting the Dragon #WeAreFrameless World Tour Greatest Hits. For two months at the beginning of this season, the Dragon crew traveled to Austria, Colorado, Wyoming, and Oregon to bring the sweet, sweet melody of their collective boarding to each region. And they succeeded, sending methods, unique lines, and backies all across the world (in addition to snagging some quality lifeys). But even though the world tour has wrapped up, this is far from the end for these riders; the season has just begun. Over the next few months, solo and collab projects will emerge until the Mocha Boys reunite next, buoyed by the success of this global tour.

Enjoy the Best of Video. This band of snowboarders is hungry, they’re steeped in style, and they are on their way to influencing and shaping the state of snowboarding alongside riders like Forest Bailey, Gigi Rüf, Danny Davis, Blair Habenicht, and Bryan Iguchi. While this may be the final edit of the #WeAreFrameless 2014 World Tour, this is far from a swan song.

Featuring Forest Bailey, Gigi Rüf, Danny Davis, Bryan Iguchi, Blair Habenicht, Blake Paul, Spencer Schubert, Tommy Gesme, Mark Wilson, Dillon Ojo, Jordan Small, Alex Lopez, Gus Warbington, Will Smith, Brage Richenberg, and Niklas Mattsson.

Filmed by Colton Feldman, Kyle Martin, Big Jerm, and Harry Hagan. Edited by Colton Feldman.

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