The Mocha Boys have touched back down stateside on the Dragon #WeAreFrameless World Tour and their first mission was to invade the Centennial State, bringing their brand of boarding to the Keystone A51 parks. In this two-song edit made by the Mike Will of the snowboarding world, Colton Feldman, you can expect a heck of an intro segment from Dillon Ojo, the lowest carves from Blake Paul, street clips from Danny Davis, a hairy needle threading (and more) by Mark Wilson, and plentiful hammers by way of Jordan Small. As soon as the drop hits halfway through, it’s straight fire from Tommy Gesme and Spencer Schubert, who had no problem turning the heat up despite the high altitude. Quite frankly, it’s fiery for the straight eight minutes, which may be why the crew had to forego the BBQ turkey this year–there was no spark to spare. Also, we’re pretty sure 7:20 is directed right at Ryan Hughes and Tom Monterosso. #notinthezone

So sit back, relax and dive into the second hit from the #WeAreFrameless World Tour at Keystone Resort and stay tuned for more from the road with this chart-climbing crew.