This year Eastern Boarder’s Last Call turned 16. You could say that it could now drive. Only, to be realistic, if Last Call were a human, it would be the type of demonic problem child who is already a thorough veteran of the high-speed chase. When Eastern Boarder and Loon Mountain inaugurated Last Call they wanted it to be great, a riot of enjoyment, a time to hangout, a platform to put your cojones to the ultimate test. Each year, it proves to be that, but the way it does so is devilishly unpredictable. Year after year a horde of riders compete for the coveted spot on the podium, unleashing all of the pent-up rage that roils beneath their flannel and denim. Unthinkable actions take place. Miracles pass casually. Calamity strikes every so often. It’s all very fire, brimstone, and holy shit. For those who missed it, this video presents what raw thrills Last Call has to offer. For this year’s attendees, well, we hope you enjoy reliving some of the best parts from the sacred event. We’ll see you back next year.

Featuring Parker Szumowski, Mike Ravelson, Ralph Kucharek, Merrick Joyce, Pat Bridges, Tim Sullivan, Marcus Rand, Mary Rand, Danika Duffy, Jack Herald, Kyle Dorfman and many more.

Film and edit by Mia Lambson.