Eddie Wall Ride 2011 Photos & Recap

Johnny Lazz

Words and photos: Mike Basher

Today was your typical May day in Mammoth-sunny, warm, slushy, jibby, and full of pros. At this time of the year, 99% of the resorts in the world are closed. Not Mammoth, though. Their world-record snow year will surely fuel their season into July...again. That said, the abundance of snow made for one hell of a setup for the second-annual Eddie Wall Ride.


Jared Dawoud

The three hour jam started with a bang, and went down to the last critical minutes, with guys like Scott Vine and Johnny Lazz picking apart every last detail of the course. In the end, their ambition paid off, earning them first and second respectively. Third went to France's Tonton Holland, who qualified for the event by winning the European Eddie Wall Ride this spring.


Scott Vine

Just as any event has gone this year, things got nasty. Dylan Alito half-cab nosepress, backside rodeo 5'ed off the A-frame rail in the middle of the course. Scott Vine one-footed pretty much everything in sight, Ryan Paul put on a front flip clinic and Johnny Lazz and Cam Pierce greased every trick.


Eddie Wall judging

Tomorrow, many of the same riders (and then some) will be competing for a hefty purse on the WCI setup in the middle of the village in Mammoth. From what we've seen, it's without a doubt the more forward-thinking scaffolding setups ever constructed. Two scaffoldings converge upon one landing, and between them, Jamie Lynn is going to be doing live street art painting as the street session is going down. Stop back here for a full post on the WCI on Sunday.


Forest Bailey

Johnny Lazz

Johnny Lazz

Ryan Paul

Cody Boan

Cody Boan

Daniel Brown

Peter Line

Scott Vine

Jeremy Cloutier

Cody Boan

Jesse & Ryan Paul

Scott Vine

Mitch Richmond

Eddie announcing winners.

The podium. 1st- Scott Vine 2nd- Johnny Lazz 3rd- Tonton Holland