Photos by: Huggy
Words and captions by: T Bird

If one thing is for certain, it's that Eddie Wall knows how to throw an event. The inaugural "Eddie Wall Ride" is a pun-filled event introduced to Mammoth's WCI weekend and today-under sunny skies and tropic temperatures-snowboarding's elite showed up to support their good friend Ed. The Mammoth Unbound park crew pushed together a handful of wallride options, tranny finders and mini jumps that spoke to the contestants' ability to get creative rather than hucking meat off of a massive cheese wedge.

The rider list included the likes of Peter Line, Lucas Magoon, Ed Wall Sr., Niko Cioffi, Dylan Alito, Johnny Lazzareschi, Tim Humphreys, Lane Knaack, Heikki Sorsa, Forest Bailey, Kyle Florig Clancy, Cornell Agee Jr., Zak Hale, Scotty Blum, Kael Hill and a slew of others. Everyone loves Eddie, and the rider turnout exemplified that sentiment as some of the world's best lapped the setup. The beautiful thing about the event was that the course was accessible via the Main Park chair, so everyone could get in a full park lap before entering the venue to finish off their run. Waves of shreds poured in throughout the day and contestants and poachers alike popped off walls, hits, quarterpipes and jibs. Oren Tanzer and the Unbound crew pushed together one of the most unique and creative setups I've seen on-hill in quite some time and it's safe to say that many riders didn't take the same line more than twice. Personally, it was rad to see riders like JP Walker, Joe Sexton, Kyle Clancy and Lane Knaack riding the same venue. Doesn't happen all that often, so I made sure to take note.

At the end of the day, it was everyone's favorite Live Action Role Player Tim Humphreys who took the top honors. Humpy disclosed to me after the fact that he hadn't even intended to ride in the contest but a last minute entry seems to have worked out for the little nerd. Humpy killed it, and he most definitely deserved the win. Nice work Humpy. We only call you a nerd 'cause we like you. Second place went to the seemingly unstoppable Forest Bailey whose board wizardry on the bottom wallride was dizzying to say the least. Forest won some cash that will most likely be used up by the night's end. Third place went to newcomer Brandon Hobush but to be honest, I didn't really see his runs. I trust the fact that X Games judge Pat Moore used discretion when calculating his "overall impression" of young Brandon Hobush. Other prizes (Apple iPads, no big deal) were handed out to Scotty Blum for his Andrecht on the wallride coping, Peter Line for a backside 5 wallride and Niko Cioffi for spending his youth in Rutland, Vermont. You can congratulate them personally this evening in the youporn chatroom.

What followed after Eddie's event was a Rail Jam of epic proportions. Tyler Flanagan, Trevor Jacob, Scotty Stevens, Brandon Hobush, Yale Cousino, Jeremy Cloutier, Lucas Magoon and many more sessioned the setup for almost an hour and a half, and they sure did some really impressive stuff, but it was a little-known kid named Ryan Paul that did one of the craziest, most ridiculous tricks in the history of rail contests. Others rode well, but 86 stole the show and outshined his peers. Little-known no more, Ryan Paul has officially landed. Peep the pictures while you wait for the video.